Of course! The Auto Doctor provides complimentary drop-off/pick-up service to the Purple Line El Train and the Metra. Within a few minutes of the shop we are also happy to provide drop-off/pick-up service at your workplace.

Yes, if your car requires more extensive repairs we have complimentary loaner vehicles available. If you need a loaner vehicle please request one at the time of appointment.

While we do not provide emissions testing, if your car’s check engine light is on, or if you have failed an emissions test in the past, we encourage customers to bring your vehicle to us. We will happily diagnose, repair, and successfully take your car through emissions at an approved site.

Most repairs can be completed in the same day. While we are often able to provide accurate time estimates for routine repairs, there are always times when more time is needed to accurately diagnose your vehicle. We do our best to update you and provide you with reliable service in a timely manner.

Our estimates are all inclusive. We calculate labor, parts, diagnostics, and tax. When requesting an estimate we are able to do our best work when you allow us to asses your vehicle in person. If we believe an all inclusive estimate is difficult due to the nature of the job we will tell you up front to help equip you to make the best decision.

We are happy to asses your potential purchase or sale for a standard diagnostic fee. Our technicians and owners all have numerous years of experience in the used car market and will provide you with their honest opinion. We strive to treat our customers with care and respect, and always ask, “Would I drive this car?”  when considering a purchase or sale.